OB Sisay


Country Head in The Gambia and Senior Covid-19 Advisor

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The Experts

Husain Abdullah

Executive Director, Global Client Development

Awo Ablo

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships

Ope-Oluwa Adejoro

Regional Director, Anglophone West & Central Africa

Mariama Anthony-Williams

Country Director, Sierra Leone

Maleda Bisrat

Country Director, Ethiopia

Tony Blair

Executive Chairman

Tim Bromfield

Executive Director, New Business & Impact

Rishon Chimboza

Managing Director, Africa

Helen Croft

Executive Director, People & Operations

Oussama Dahmani

Country Director, Niger

Joy Dariye

Country Director, Nigeria

Katherine Delavan

Country Director, Serbia

Safiatou Diallo

Country Director, Cote D'Ivoire

Emman El-Badawy

Director, Peace & Security

Gbolahan Faleye

Executive Director, Global Business Development & Income

Martim Faria e Maya

Regional Director, Southern Africa

Melanie Garson

Acting Director, Geopolitics

Alex George

Senior Director, Middle East & Eastern Europe

Hala Ghandour

Managing Director, Middle East & Eastern Europe

Shuhaela Haqim

Country Director, Indonesia

Antoine Huss

Regional Director, Francophone West & Central Africa

Madison Iannone

Executive Director, Global Client Solutions

Daniel Ikuenobe

Country Director, Malawi

Maggie Jane-Lucas

Regional Director, Sahel

Seamus Jeffreson

Director, Brussels

Jeegar Kakkad

Director, Future of Britain Policy

Lisa Karanja

Country Director, Kenya

Verena Knippel

Director, Zanzibar

Eric Kouevi

Country Director, Togo

Benedict Macon-Cooney

Chief Policy Strategist

Nina Massangu

Country Director, Democratic Republic of Congo

Frank Matsaert

Director, Trade & Infrastructure, Kenya Team

Michael McNair

Global Managing Director, Advisory

Sam Mensah-Baah

Country Director, Ghana

Maria Mkandawire

Country Director, Zambia

Stella Mugabo

Country Director, Rwanda

Felizberto Mulhavo

Country Director, Angola

Reza Nasim Jan

Country Director, Albania

Ronald Osumba

Regional Director, Eastern Africa

Joseph Pickerill

Executive Director, Global Strategic Communications

Anand Pillai

Senior Director, Middle East & Eastern Europe

Jalil Rasheed

Managing Director, Asia

Catherine Rimmer

Chief Executive Officer

Marta Roxberg

Director, Programme Development & Contracts

Julia Scirrotto

Editorial Director

Alieu Senghore

Country Director, The Gambia

Sam Sharps

Executive Director, Policy

Philip Spencer

Acting Country Director, The Gambia

Emily Stanger Sfeile

Executive Director, Partnerships & Initiatives

David Stubbs

Executive Director, Finance

Justin To

Senior Director, Economic Prosperity

Ryan Wain

Executive Director, Politics

Gareth Walsh

Director, Climate & Energy

Alastair Whitehead

Director, Americas

Roger Williams

Global Innovation Director

Rachel Yeomans

Director of Policy Communications


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