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Global Health Security Consortium

The Global Health Security Consortium (GHSC) provides insight, analysis and support for leaders around the world to help them prepare for the health-security challenges of tomorrow. It is a joint initiative of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, the Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine and a team of scientists at the University of Oxford.


Working together for global public health

The GHSC is a new kind of partnership. It’s an independent voice, informed by deep political, technical and medical expertise, to support and guide leaders on global health. Drawing on learnings from the response to Covid-19, the Global Health Security Consortium works to find pragmatic, politically viable and scalable solutions that can adapt to sudden, novel challenges. This work includes creating partnerships, guiding policy and amplifying existing solutions.

Our work

Always On: Resilient, dual-use health systems

Now is the time to transform global-health infrastructure. The only way this will be possible is if countries have resilient health systems that are “always on” – able both to deliver equitable, high-quality routine health care and respond to global health crises.

Building “always on” health systems requires focus in three areas:

Pathogen surveillance, to more quickly and accurately detect and understand diseases, enable early interventions and prevent infections spreading.

Clinical-research infrastructure, to accelerate globally distributed development and approval of new diagnostics, vaccines and treatments, making them more rapidly accessible to more people.

Adult vaccination and disease prevention; making preventable disease history through a One Shot life-course vaccination strategy.

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Our work

One Shot: Making preventable disease history

One Shot is a roadmap to end preventable diseases worldwide. A visionary disease-prevention programme that is “always on”, it will save millions of lives and billions of dollars, as well as work to address health inequalities, to create more prosperous, healthy and resilient societies, and to prepare for future pandemics.  The response to Covid-19 saw dramatic advancements in the development of life-saving vaccines. With at least 10 million deaths a year attributable to preventable diseases, the potential rewards are huge. Now is the time to transform the global-health infrastructure. One Shot is how we do it.


Six Goals

Improve equity of access

Improve equity of access to vaccines and medicines worldwide

Reorientate care

Reorientate care away from sickness and towards prevention to avoid unnecessary illness and costs

Strengthen health-system functions

Strengthen health-system functions such as supply chains, service delivery and workforce

Create standing infrastructure

Create standing infrastructure to prevent and respond to outbreaks and pandemics

Invest in life sciences

Grow economies in order to invest in the life sciences and the health-care sector

Accelerate digital-health infrastructure

Accelerate the establishment of a digital-health infrastructure, which will have lasting utility beyond disease prevention


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