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In previous years, the Future of Britain Conference has highlighted the challenges facing Britain. Now we turn to focus on how to deliver the solutions – concrete plans that represent a new way to govern in the 21st century – with technology as the driving force. The Future of Britain Conference 2024 will take place on 9 July in central London (invite-only) and will be streamed online.

2024 Conference

Reimagining Britain’s Future

TBI experts, together with industry leaders and senior political figures from across Britain and our global network, will map out the specific tools and answers needed to address the pivotal questions of our time, including:

  • How can we fundamentally reimagine the state so it does more for less, creates choice and opportunity, and leverages the power of technology to transform public services? 

  • How can Britain harness its power, intellectual capital and global position to drive the next wave of economic growth and seize the opportunities emerging technologies present?

  • How can modern leadership provide a new form of state power for Britain today? 

As in previous years, the Future of Britain Conference – hosted in partnership with My Life My Say – will not be party political. Instead it will provide an assessment of what Britain needs to do to transform – a vision that we believe all parties should take on board.

Check back here for more details on sessions, speakers and how you can follow along.