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Executive Leadership

Leading with ambition and optimism


Unlocking potential for countries, citizens and our team

We have led countries, businesses, NGOs, think-tanks and charities. We have advised presidents and assisted prime ministers. Working alongside our global team of expert changemakers, we are focused on transforming countries and changing lives.

Tony Blair

Executive Chairman

Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Tony Blair founded TBI on the belief that a country’s success and ability to enact transformational change is dependent on the effectiveness of its leadership and governance.

Under Tony’s direction, TBI works with political leaders around the world to create real change for their people by advising on strategy, policy and delivery – with technology as an enabler of all three.

Catherine Rimmer

Chief Executive Officer

Catherine leads our global team as we work to help governments worldwide build more open, inclusive and prosperous countries for their people. She also serves on our board. ‍ Catherine has been our CEO since our inception in 2016, overseeing huge growth and meaningful impact, including our groundbreaking Covid-19 work, our work to assist countries on their constitutional reforms and our work to set a new policy agenda for the Future of Britain.

Michael McNair

Global Managing Director

Mike leads our government advisory team, supporting reforming leaders in over 30 countries worldwide on strategy, policy and delivery, helping them unlock the power of technology across all three. ‍ Before joining us, Mike served 12 years at the highest levels of politics and government in Canada. This included eight years as head of policy and senior advisor to Justin Trudeau, senior policy advisor to two leaders of the opposition and senior staff on multiple national election campaigns.

Awo Ablo

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships

Awo leads Strategy & Partnerships, ensuring we continue to grow and increase our impact, and serves as a company director at TBI. She oversees our strategic direction, futureproofing our growth, developing scalable partnerships, innovating in tech and securing the financial resources we need to drive sustainable impact.