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Future of BritainFuture of Britain

Britain needs a new plan. The Future of Britain demands a new era of invention and innovation. Yet the state is no longer fit for purpose, with people paying higher taxes for less effective public services. Incremental improvements won’t deliver the fundamental change we need. The status quo is unsustainable.

Radical yet practical

A new path for government

This Reimagined State uses the opportunities presented by technology – and AI in particular – to transform society, helping its citizens become more prosperous and secure, better educated, and healthier.

Britain could usher in a new era of governance finally fit for the 21st century. TBI is laying out concrete plans to deliver a better future where public services are delivered quicker, cheaper, more tailored to the individual, and with better outcomes for all. This work will touch on key sectors of the UK economy, climate, health, our place in the world and more.

But while these specific policies are tailored for Britain, the Reimagined State is a model that any country can adopt, as technology enables governments to deploy resources strategically, driving down costs while improving outcomes.

AI will reshape the world. It should also reshape government.

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A smarter health system

Improving the quality and quantity of life

We need to deliver a health system that not only treats people when they are sick, but also prevents illness in the first place. Using technology and data, we can give people greater control of their own health. We can improve diagnoses and disease prevention. And we can provide quality personalised care when and wherever people need it.

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A new era for education

Personalised, world-class education for all

Britain’s future depends on children having access to the best skills and education in the world. It should not depend on where they live. Through technology, we can deliver a world-class education system that is agile, affordable and accessible anywhere. By using AI-powered tech, we can break the link between location and quality to deliver choice, personalisation and data-driven improvement.

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Planning for the future

Investing in the infrastructure we need

The UK’s physical and digital infrastructure is suffering from systems designed for a bygone age. We need to speed up the pace of planning processes and expand our definition of essential infrastructure to fast-track the digital, energy, transport and service industries of the future.

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Powering next-generation industry

Building the companies of the future

Science and tech must be central to Britain’s national purpose if we are going to maintain a strategic edge in an era of historic technological change. We must embrace AI, use data and the cloud, accelerate biotech and medical science, and innovate to produce clean energy and solve the climate crisis.

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A decade of electrification

Investing in the grid for future prosperity

We need a radical overhaul of our approach to powering Britain. We need large-scale investment in innovation and physical infrastructure to deliver the shift to clean, secure and low-cost energy, allowing people to power their homes and businesses to power the growth our country needs.

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Investing in our strategic edge

Showing global leadership through technology

The dynamics on the world stage are shifting. The United States and China are in a new contest for supremacy, with technology at the heart of that competition. A new plan for Britain requires the country to invest in science and technology to maintain a strategic edge in the 21st century.

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