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Together in partnership

Working with partners is central to how we make a real difference. Explore our flagship projects, from setting new directions in progressive policy to bold new approaches in global health.


We go further when we go together

Real change needs many hands. At TBI we collaborate to create maximum impact. Our partners include governments, foundations, philanthropists, think-tanks, research institutions, corporations, tech companies and more.

Future of Britain: Co-creating a new policy agenda

A new plan for Britain needs to connect modern politics with the reality of citizens’ lives and the ever-evolving transformation happening around them. That’s why, together with youth organisation My Life My Say, we have created the Future of Britain ­– a progressive agenda and conference. Our experts are working on technology-enabled policy solutions that will deliver a greener, more prosperous UK – powered by invention and innovation.

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Global Health Security Consortium: Making preventable disease history

We can't achieve our vision for world health alone. That's why we've partnered with the Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine and a team of scientists at the University of Oxford to create the Global Health Security Consortium - the initiative providing insight, analysis and support to world leaders on the health challenges of tomorrow.

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The Tomorrow Partnership: Harnessing tech for governments

Technology has the power to transform education, health, climate, food, finance and more. We are working to broker relationships between governments and leading tech organisations and innovators to bring the benefits of tech solutions to all. Already, we are digitising vaccine campaigns in Senegal, using agri-data to improve food security in Kenya and creating safe, secure digital health passes in Ghana.

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