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The Tomorrow Partnership


Harnessing the power of technology for good

Technology has the power to change lives and transform countries. It has the power to transform health care, to tackle climate change, to bring world-class education to all, to revolutionise food production, to re-energise economies, to achieve things we haven’t even imagined yet.

The Tomorrow Partnership brings governments and technology partners together to unlock that power for all citizens. 


Transforming access to vital health services

Together with governments and leading tech providers, The Tomorrow Partnership has helped implement safe and secure digital health passes to support vaccine rollouts. This has enabled governments to track immunisations and produce QR codes for “immunity passes”, with all data stored in a secure, privacy-protected cloud, where countries can only access their own information.

Digitising health care and vaccination records 

In collaboration with The Commons Project and Mastercard Foundation, The Tomorrow Partnership worked with the governments of Rwanda and Senegal on the SMART Health Card. This enabled verifiable digital proof of vaccination and signified a major step forward in the digitalisation of health care across Africa. Together we launched and scaled the card, and the technology has already reached tens of thousands of people.

Advancing health-care innovation using cloud technology

Together with Oracle, The Tomorrow Partnership is helping governments use the cloud to digitise traditionally paper-based systems, without compromising on privacy and security. Oracle’s Health Management System allows patients to book vaccinations online and receive booster reminders. Health-care workers can record data and create or update unique electronic health records for every person vaccinated. The “ubiquitous encryption” programme means Oracle has no insight into the data, with users retaining all ownership and intellectual-property rights. The result is improved uptake of vaccinations and improved data security. 


Building digital inclusion

Bringing communities, health centres and schools online for the first time

The internet is vital for progress but remains out of reach for millions around the world. Remote regions are particularly affected by the high costs of fibre and its complex infrastructure, meaning it can take years for getting online to become a reality. Satellite internet is a gamechanger in this ecosystem and through TBI’s work to connect governments to providers likes Starlink, thousands of people now have access to fast, reliable internet for the first time.


Building Digital Skills

Training government changemakers across Africa 

Technology presents a major opportunity for countries to reimagine the state and provide better public services. To get there, governments need people with the right skills. The TBI Digital Academy, supported by our partners, has trained hundreds of public servants across Ghana, Senegal and Malawi, empowering them to lead successful digital transformation projects.



Digitising vaccine campaigns in Senegal 

In collaboration with Oracle and the Senegalese government, The Tomorrow Partnership created a groundbreaking system allowing health-care workers to issue electronic Covid-19 vaccine certificates. This helped unlock international trade and travel, getting people and the economy moving again.



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